This shoot was loved by me in honor of Carrie Purser along with her Japanese history!

This shoot was loved by me in honor of Carrie Purser along with her Japanese history!

Check out the very first article to see more images or higher to Dear Grey Magazine to start to see the feature! The red Kimono is from Carrie’s grandmother, the colors on it are incredibly gorgeous!

These very first three images are dual exposures on movie, it really is therefore fun to try out!

Amazing Wedding Team

Locks and Makeup by Carrie Purser

Wedding Stylist and Floral Designs by Amber Reverie Floral and Event Design

Japanese Heritage 3, 2017 june

I’d the privilege of photographing this shoot influenced by Carrie Purser‘s Japanese Heritage. She recently discovered these valuable products after her daddy died, just what a treasure to locate a lot of heirlooms that are beautiful.

Carrie’s words are much much better than mine:

You don’t understand the treasures it’s possible to find before you loose a moms and dad and also you find precious household heirlooms; this peeked my fascination and I dove deeply into researching my loved ones history having many unknown responses to any or all my concerns. Why did they wish to arrive at America into the place that is first who will be these folks within the grayscale pictures, and exactly how will they be linked to me? And though the “alien card” we find is a sign of just exactly what their immigrant battles might have been, where will they be now?

We cherish all of the tokens that have been when the tools that aided my ancestors survive in community which plagued them as an enemy. I enjoy the the bands which are a sign of love and materials that represent a tradition with such design and elegance, along with the rest associated with the dinnerware which brings numerous memories to mind of all of the food that is delicious ended up being ready for family members gatherings.

Even though answers to questions that are many get unanswered, the treasures left behind tell an account of whom i will be and what exactly is inside of me personally; why is my heartbeat and exactly just what gives me personally passion to carry on to find out. We stand humbled and in addition with pride once you understand this is certainly my loved ones tale and it’ll continue steadily to live with every generation that is new.

This shoot is featured over on Dear Gray Magazine!

Amazing Wedding Team

Makeup and hair by Carrie Purser

Wedding Stylist and Floral Designs by Amber Reverie Floral and Event Design

Japanese Inspired 7, 2016 december

We adored this workshop by Kychelle Photography, hosted by picture Native. Amber Reverie did such an amazing work with the styling and florals because of this gorgeous Japanese Inspired Bridal shoot. I will be constantly in awe with exactly what Amber does, she actually is therefore talented. I will be therefore enthusiastic about the Magnolia branches! The backdrop and poem had been carried out by the skilled Wildfield Paper Co. Most of these pictures are captured on medium structure and scanned by The Find Lab.

Words from Amber, “There is just a beauty that is serene significant daily rituals. This lovely bride finds moments of quiet still life in her real life as she pays homage to her Japanese heritage on the morning of her wedding. Surrounded by old globe textures of handmade silks and aged pottery, everyday routines like sipping tea, meditation and dressing become significant functions of mild expression before a marriage time saturated in ceremony. Soaking within these moments of simple pleasure, she spends her early morning organizing flowers into the simple art of ikebana, and hand writing vows by way of a twelfth century poet that is japanese. ‘You left impressions memorable so when I see our moon your image surfaces and therefore love seems forever. ’ Finally, she dons an antique kimono that is embroidered silk dress with handmade jewelry and it is prepared to wed her love. ”

(All pictures out of this shoot are shot with medium format film for a Pentax 645 nii)

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