Nude Ukrainian feminists tortured and humiliated in Belarus

Nude Ukrainian feminists tortured and humiliated in Belarus

Activists of Ukraine’s FEMEN motion declare that these were kidnapped after their action that is topless against regime of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. The action were held in Belarusian money, Minsk, on December 19. The ladies have previously returned to Ukraine. For the time being, the main regarding the KGB of Belarus, Vadim Zaitsev, claimed that their agents hadn’t taken any actions from the Ukrainian ladies. In accordance with him, it absolutely was a provocation that is predetermined the unique solutions of Belarus.

Inna Shevchenko, Oksana Shachko and Alexander Nemchinova found its way to Kiev on Wednesday night. The women found the capital that is ukrainian combined with the Ukrainian consul. The consul arrived at the town of Beki, the Gomel area of Belarus, straight away, after it had been stated that the FEMEN activists had been remaining here. The ladies stated which they have been tortured by strangers into the woods, Interfax states with regards to the press assistant of this Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, Alexander Dikusarov.

The news release posted on FEMEN’s LiveJournal web web page stated that Inna Shevchenko was the first to ever have contacted the motion. The lady stated that she and her two associates was in fact seized by unique services of Belarus. Based on her, the agents blindfolded the ladies and place them within the coach, that has been then traveling through the night. A short while later, the agents took them into the forest, poured oil to them and threatened setting them burning. The guys also made the women that are ukrainian nude. The agents additionally threatened all of them with a knife. The ladies stated that the agents had been shooting most of the tortures.

If the males got exhausted as to what these people were doing, they took the ladies’s papers and cash and left them alone when you look at the woodland. The feminists been able to get the nearest town, where they might work with a phone.

Based on Belarusian news agency BelaPAN, law enforcement took the three Ukrainian girls from the town of Beki to your nearest police section for investigation. The Ukrainian consul arrived here soon afterward. Later in the day, the ladies had been analyzed during the neighborhood medical center. The health practitioners failed to find any injuries that are serious their health, aside from bruises on hands as well as other areas of the body.

Law enforcement officers told reporters that the ladies was indeed based in the edge area. Because the females had no papers they had to be taken to police station with them. The Ukrainians will perhaps perhaps maybe not be penalized for remaining close to the edge since the females had discovered by themselves here against their particular might.

The feminists told reporters which they was arrested by six guys. The guys didn’t introduce by themselves. They pulled caps on the optical eyes for the females and put the Ukrainians into the coach. The officers assaulted the women, made them remove all of their clothes, poured green antiseptic on their heads and ordered the women to hold posters with Nazi swastika in the forest.

It absolutely was also stated that Australian journalist Kitty Green, whom took pictures of FEMEN’s action in Minsk, ended up being designed to keep Belarus. The authorities for the country made the journalist head to Lithuania.

Three FEMEN that are semi-naked conducted the action of protest nearby the building for the KGB of Belarus on December 19. The date marked the anniversary because the dispersal of this opposition that is unauthorized following the presidential election in the united kingdom. One of several women had moustache and hair on to appear like President Lukashenko. The 2 others also stuck a la Lukashenko moustache on. The feminists were keeping ” Long real time Belarus! ” and “Freedom to political prisoners” posters.

The action proceeded just for a few mins. Law enforcement arrested the ladies, but then circulated them quickly. The 3 Ukrainian females were kidnapped in five or six hours.

Belarusian officials declined to discharge any commentary in regards to the event on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the pinnacle associated with Belarusian KGB, Vadim Zaitsev, reported that the action associated with Ukrainian movement had been a provocation from the special solutions of Belarus, Interfax reports.

“this might be a gross provocation that we’ve unfolding. We will investigate who’s standing behind it. They the women can state whatever they want. Our males did not touch them, ” the KGB chief stated at a news seminar.

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